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The trial of inventory control is over and OTTO is your course's solutions for intelligent business. You can find confidence in knowing that industry leaders came together to build what is undeniably the most state of the art booking engine with your success in mind.

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There is an evolution starting in the golf industry. Some think of it more as a revolution to take back control of the tee times from third party resellers like GolfNow. Konvert's mission is to do exactly that. It starts by offering the lowest rate on your web site. We provides knowledge and tools to manage this guarantee. Bring back your customer loyalty.

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Multiple Rate Categories

Drive more online booking by showing up to five different rate categories. Customize your own to include F&B or Merchandise to optimize rate integrity.

Advanced yield management

OTTO can automatically increase or decrease your rates based inventory. Your rates will automatically increase when you are busy. You can set up unlimited rules based on time of day, day of week and number of days out.


Create loyalty by offering discounts or free rounds after the same player has made multiple bookings. This feature is completely customizable to fit your current program or have a different program for online reservations.


The best way to ensure you are receiving the correct email address is to drive customers to book online. They will always use their favorite email address to receive the confirmation. Email addresses can be exported for use in your email marketing program.

Customer Satisfaction Reporting

Receive real-time customer surveys ensuring issues are addressed immediately. Each golfer that books a time online will receive a survey at midnight on the day of play. In fact, you can offer a coupon code to customers that fill out the survey.

Coupon Codes

Create and track unlimited number of coupon codes for your online marketing. This is another ideal way to create customer loyalty.

All Inclusive Dashboard

View in real-time all of your pertinent sales and statistics to help keep on track of your goals. This is your default screen when you log in.

Automated Marketing

Customize email messages that will be sent automatically when they are triggered. For example, you can create an email that is sent out to any golfer that has not booked a round in 30 days. You can have OTTO send out another email after 60 days with a coupon code to drive them back to your course.